Lawn Fungus: Could be an Irrigation Problem

Jul 07, 2022
Lawn Fungus: Could be an Irrigation Problem

What is causing grass fungus in the lawn?

Fungus is the most prevalent in irrigated lawns. Homeowners often water at the wrong time. Setting your irrigation for the middle of the night is usually what triggers fungus to form. The reasoning is that the water sits there soaking into the ground and not evaporating,which is what we want but not for several hours.

As the water sits there, combined with low wind speeds, the lawn simply does not have enough time to dry out, therefore creating the soil borne disease Summer Patch or Brown Patch.

Identifying and diagnosing lawn fungus?

Diagnosing lawn fungus is like going to the doctor or taking your vehicle to the mechanic. A lot of the time it is a shot in the dark when guessing what the root cause is.

Sometimes it is as easy as adjusting your irrigation times and putting a little fungicide down. Other times, we have to come in and do a complete overhaul with aerating and overseeding. That is why it is important that you, the homeowner, work with us so that we can help battle these lawn issues.

If you’re concerned about possible grass fungus in your lawn, contact us or give us a call (319-721-6269) and we would be happy to get a time scheduled to come take a peek!